Thanks to our staff

In the best of times, our healthcare workers are the unsung heroes navigating the day-to-day health battles of 'normal life'. But in crazy times they become superheroes, rallying to protect the city's terrorised citizens from doom.

Working overtime to ensure the city is not brought to its knees, they are sustained not with food or sleep but energised by the power of kind words and praise.

So here we bring you the whispers and the writings of the people who have been saved, helped and moved by our staff and whose words are the very fuel that keeps them battling on.


I would like to pass on a compliment to the team who came to our facility to deliver Covid-19 vaccinations. They team worked together to deliver the vaccinations efficiently in collaboration with our staff on duty and had a brilliant attitude and professionalism about them.


The level of professionalism, courtesy and kindness shown to both [my wife and myself] was humbling. All of the staff, at all levels, were wonderful to us. We are so lucky to have these dedicated people and this great hospital. To all of you, our sincere thanks and a hearty well done.



"Health matters to my community, and locals have an expectation that they can receive quality health care close to home.

That is what we are delivering under the strong leadership of our new Minister for Health, Amber-Jade Sanderson.

The new Minister for Health was in Joondalup with me just last week to open the new Joondalup breast screening clinic—a state-of-the-art facility that will make a massive difference to the lives of women in Joondalup."

Emily Hamilton MLA
Member for Joondalup


Everyone was so friendly, professional, and caring. I was really touched, and felt genuinely cared for



"I had an ACL reconstruction a few days ago at Osborne Park Hospital. My experience was good but what made it amazing was one of the nurses in the morning/mid-day shift at ward 6. [She] was amazing, she went an arms-length to cater to my needs. Her hospitality and kindness was like no other. Just one word to describe her service, AMAZING."



"My GP appointment became an unplanned ambulance trip to Charles Gairdner Hospital. The medics in the ambulance were wonderful and certainly knew their business. The emergency ward was also excellent in their observations and care. I luckily ended up in the Cardiac ward on the 4th floor. The care and interaction were above excellent. The angiogram team experience was unbelievably good - we had a laughing session that left me in a great frame of mind for the test. My special ward nurse was SO thoughtful that I won't forget her. You couldn't ask for more. My very grateful thanks to all concerned."


King Edward Memorial Hospital - My midwife has been so attentive and supportive. As a first-time mother her guidance and sharing of knowledge have helped me gain confidence in just a few hours but will assist me more than words can ever say on the road ahead. Thanks you so much!



"I am writing to thank, on behalf of the WA Voluntary Assisted Dying Statewide Pharmacy Service, Stephanie Miller for her incredible work yesterday.

Stephanie worked tirelessly to ensure that one of our team was able to travel to Albany to enable a patient to fulfil one of their final wishes of accessing the VAD pathway.

Her ability and commitment to this is made even more impressive given that she is new to her role."


The kindness, care and compassion shown towards [my family] who visited was so greatly appreciated. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone. I am truly grateful.



"Hello, I really want to commend Tash Tolley (midwife) from the Family Birth Centre at King Edwards. She cared for me exceptionally throughout my pregnancy and birth in March. Could not have asked for a better midwife and will definitely be going back to the FBC for any future pregnancies. Many thanks!"

Hayley Lohmeyer


Every single staff member I encountered was polite, caring, sensitive to my (and all the other patients) needs, professional and fun.



"A student nurse came into my Dad’s room to provide care. She was confident bright and engaging. She read my dad very well. All care delivered was with explanation, clear consent and respectful. She and the team supporting her professional development as a nurse deserve a shout out. Thank you."


I've looked everywhere and... your website is the best in the world. Yes, the entire world. The data, the curriculum, the worksheets, the modules. It is all there. Thank you - Centre for Clinical Interventions website



I just wanted to thank the nurses for looking after me. You all calmed me down when I was quite anxious and worried. I was really humbled by the way you guys always checked up on me. And you can tell you lovely ladies do your jobs with dignity and passion and care.

Myriam, Samson WA


Osborne Park Hospital - Great service from every staff member. All were extremely professional, while being friendly and efficient. Staff were not only professional to clients, but to each other. It was great to see the registered nurse on duty working with the student nurse, being supportive and educative of her. A great team. My brief stay went seamlessly, from the admission process, the wait in Day Surgery Unit, transfer to theatre, the procedure, and subsequent recovery and discharge. Well done to all.



“Thanks to Jen who was the first midwife I saw when I had to come to be checked at MFAU. Jen, you instantly made me feel at ease and I’m so happy that it was you who broke my waters and looked after me those first few hours of labour when I was finally induced. I felt that you completely understood how I was feeling about having a hospital birth and did everything you could to make the experience as good as it could possibly be for us. Your confidence and caring nature settled my fears and I can’t thank you enough for helping bring our son into this world.”

Kelsey, Mosman Park WA


At Youth Axis I've felt heard, cared about and supported in every aspect of my life and mental health... It was just overall really really good on so many levels. Validating, supportive and wonderful.



"When I first went to Lower West Community Mental Health clinic I was upset and not wanting help... but I slowly grew to realise just how unwell I had been. With help from Sarah, I learned so much about myself and probably one of the most valuable things you taught me was that it was ok to ask, to reach out for help. I cannot begin to explain how much you have helped me. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You have helped me tremendously."

"During a very difficult time for me, social worker Lei Healy at Osborne Park Adult Mental Health Service provided me with more genuine care and support that I ever expected. I am forever grateful to Lei."


I would like to thank the midwives at the KEMH Family Birth Centre for their outstanding level of professionalism and care throughout my pregnancy, birth and also postnatally.



“Throughout my pregnancy the care we received at the FBC was nothing short of exceptional. Our midwife made me feel like I was her only client with the care, attention to detail and kindness she brought to every appointment, to every question, to every worry.”

Eliza, Scarborough WA


Sue is to be congratulated. She is sensitive, kind, skilled and up-beat. I have never felt so comfortable in the dentist's chair.



"I was admitted to ssu for further hip surgery. As usual, I found the process was efficient from front reception through to ssu admission despite the extra covid checks required. Admission was quick and efficient and my nurse and student nurse were friendly and professional. Lots of warm blankets while I waited. I felt the coordinator was fantastic. Got things sorted, was so friendly and everything was done with a smile on her face including escorting me to theatre. Theatre staff as usual were fantastic. From holding bay, all ortho theatre staff (12 I think) and recovery staff who I dealt with, I was very well looked after. A huge thanks to my anaesthetist, after 6 hip surgeries, this was the first with minimal post op nausea. I returned to ssu early evening. I was looked after by the same nurse both on return and the following morning before discharge and overnight by another nurse. Both were fantastic. Friendly, caring, nothing was a bother and made my stay as comfortable as a hospital stay could be. Physio came around the following morning and got me up with crutches so I could be on my way- thank you. My discharge paperwork was completed quickly and once my meds were back from pharmacy I was on my way home. Thanks again to everyone involved in my care. In these ever-changing weird covid times, you guys are amazing. Keep up the great work."


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital - Shout out to everyone that looked after me (including patient support, nursing students, allied health and the techs) at SCGH on Ward G51. Each staff member or student I interacted with were kind, caring, understanding and were willing to have a chat or laugh even if it was at 2am when it came to obs. Thank you each and every one of you for being amazing.



“I just wanted to write to say how fantastic every single team member I came into contact with during my labour/birth/stay was at KEMH and how much I truly appreciate the care that I received from all of those involved during the duration of my time there.

It truly is a testament to the team that even though my birth ended up a little more complicated than I was hoping for, and my daughter had to be away from me in NICU for 24hrs, I am still so extremely happy with my entire experience and am so grateful that my daughter and I ended up with such great care to help us both through.”

Katherine, Parkwood WA





"I take a moment to write to express my gratitude to the State Head Injury Unit for your support throughout 2021 during my year of Post-Concussion Syndrome. You assisted with day-to-day strategies to cope with my brain working so differently for so long. Your advice and encouragement helped reduce my anxiety in relation to how my brain was working and what I might expect over time."



We would like to highlight the quality of care we received from the midwives. They worked tirelessly to ensure that we were well looked after at all hours of the day and night. They made us feel like a priority despite a heavy workload.

Sophie, City Beach WA


Youth Reach South are amazing and helped me with so much, even things I didn't know I needed help with. I couldn't be happier with the service I received.



"Recently I had an amazing experience during my kidney procedure. Starting with my nurse. She immediately put me at comfort and reassured me throughout with friendly conversation and a positive outlook. I then had another nurse in recovery who was equally friendly and reassuring. My doctors were so kind and patient, taking the time to explain the whole procedure and talk me through every step and what to expect. Overall I can only thank and feel blessed to have such caring and kind staff looking after me. Thank you, Charlies."





"I've had to do a one-day colonoscopy procedure at the Osborne Park Hospital at Stirling. The staff were amazing. Honestly I would recommend anyone to go there. Osborne Park Hospital will be my choice if I ever have to visit a hospital. One happy patient right here, keep up with the good work and keep smiling. Most of all I would like to say a big thank you to my Nurse. He was just an awesome person who loves his job. Well done mate, you are making a difference when around people."


Nice work



"As a clinical healthcare worker, being diagnosed with an unknown brain tumour post stroke (one tumour bled) is scary enough, but being transferred to a hospital you have never worked at for neurosurgery adds another level of fear in my opinion. I was transferred to ward G52 under the neurosurgical team. I cannot speak more highly of the care, compassion, professionalism and humour, myself and my family received from support staff, nursing, allied health and surgical teams. As a nurse, I also was privileged and humbled to observe the same care provided to other patients, some who were, in my opinion, very abusive by the nature of their condition. The close-knit multidisciplinary teamwork and respect on G52 and the high dependency unit was palpable. Such an incredible team who I believe are a credit to the organisation. I have recovered from surgery, am home from rehab ward and about to commence the next part of my cancer journey. My extreme gratitude goes out to these saints who work in this area."


I would just like to say the staff at Joondalup General Dental Clinic were so nice and caring. I am so happy. I was in pain and the support was amazing and professional.



I would like to express my gratitude and thank all the staff for looking after me so brilliantly. I couldn’t have been in better hands!

Heidi, Coogee WA


King Edward Memorial Hospital - I had a fantastic birth experience and just wanted to thank the midwives involved. The care provided was awesome.



“I just wanted to reach out and compliment the ED nurse Kara…She really reduced my hospital and pregnancy anxiety and I left feeling assured I was going to be okay.”

Emily, Morley WA



Last Updated: 06/02/2023