Maternity Services

In Australia, overseas visitors, overseas students and patients who are not eligible for Medicare under their current VISA arrangements are required to pay for the cost of their health care. Please contact your referred hospital Overseas Liaison Officer.

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) (external site), within North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS), is the leading tertiary hospital for women and newborns in Western Australia. KEMH specialises in high-risk pregnancies and provides maternity, neonatal and gynaecological care. This 254-bed public hospital ranks among the best in Australia and offers a comprehensive range of clinical, research and education services.

Osborne Park Hospital (OPH) (external site) and Joondalup Health Campus also care for low to medium risk obstetric patients throughout their pregnancy. Experienced midwifery and obstetric staff provide the highest level of care, which also includes support services provided by social workers, physiotherapists, lactation consultants and dietitians.

Last Updated: 05/07/2022