Community Advisory Councils

Each of our hospitals has a Community Advisory Council which provides an opportunity for consumers to participate in the development and delivery of hospital services.

Members provide a voice for their local communities, representing the diversity of the population and reflecting the viewpoints and concerns of consumers. Members work in partnership with staff to ensure the community voice is heard, acknowledged and valued by our health service, and contribute to:

  • the facilitation of communication and consultation with the community where appropriate
  • advising the hospital on processes for community consultation and participation
  • providing a community perspective on activities, initiatives and projects that impact on consumers
  • facilitating improvements in partnership with staff and management
  • maintaining an awareness and understanding of the requirements of relevant standards, e.g. National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS), Standards and National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS)
  • activities to achieve compliance with the above standards.

For more information or to get involved please contact the Community Advisory Council at each site:

Aboriginal Cultural Advisory Group

Our Aboriginal Cultural Advisory Group (ACAG) provides cultural direction and protocols on Aboriginal Health matters on behalf of the Aboriginal Community of the NMHS region. The ACAG meet every two months and meetings are aligned to the Noongar six seasons. ACAG provides Aboriginal cultural advice and supports program development and design in many areas of NMHS.

Recent examples include the Statement of Intent for Aboriginal Heath in partnership with NMHS Clinical Planning; the Healthy Options Policy in partnership with Health Promotion; the Strengthening Antenatal Reponses to Family and Domestic Violence project in partnership with Women and Newborn Health Service; and service location and design in partnership with Dental Health Services. The ACAG have also provided advice on the dual naming of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital rooms and public walkways.

For more information contact the Aboriginal Health Unit on (08) 9380 7758 or

If you are interested in other ways of partnering with us to provide patients with access to safe, high quality health care, our Engagement page provides more information about how you can get involved.

Last Updated: 06/02/2023