Mental Health Community Advisory Council

The North Metropolitan Health, Mental Health (NMHS, MH) is establishing a Community Advisory Councils (CACs). The NMHS MH Community Advisory Council will be a formal partnership between consumers and carers and the NMHS, Mental Health Executive Committee that embeds the voice and perspectives of consumers, carers and families in decisions and processes that impact their healthcare experience and journey.

The NMHS Mental Health CAC:

  • Represents the equality and diversity of consumers, community, carers and families that provides a mechanism to work in partnership for positive solutions that are meaningful and impactful.
  • Brings lived and living experience of the health system that can shape how the system functions to be more person centred.
  • Contributes to change in a range of ways from providing feedback to participating in the design of policies, programs etc.
  • Cares about wellness, partnership, equity, learning and growing, mental health and safety, care, trust and modelling these in our work.
  • Advocates for engagement and recognition of the value of lived experience and the importance of capacity building and development so that health service providers and consumers, carers and families can work together more effectively to improve health outcomes.

To apply visit: EOI: NMHS Mental Health Community Advisory Council (external site)



CAC Purpose, Priorities and Function (Detail) (PDF)

CAC Purpose, Priorities and Function infographic (PDF)

Community Advisory Model (PDF)

CAC Resources Overview and Next Steps (PDF)

CAC Application Kit (PDF)

CAC Terms of Reference (PDF)

Last Updated: 07/03/2023